Friday, November 5, 2010


Sister Mary Elizabeth met a man down by the docks this evening...Benny was slightly odd. Forked tongue, scaly, all about playing cards, finding something to tempt someone with.

Good ol' Benny. The flunky, the field agent, the one who keeps failing at full execution of his duties...Beelzebub.  They got into a discussion. About propriety, protection, business in Bel Noir...

"I made a mistake. Backed the wrong team. And the Big Guy kicked us all out."
"I'm a demon. I'm from Hell."
"They kicked you out. You live in Bel Noir now. You're only stuck here as long as you are under their authority."
"Sister, I'm not a human, I have no soul to be redeemed. Also, the big guy wasn't big on forgiveness back then."
"Have you tried anytime in the last two millennia?"

She's about to have a demonic hit squad on her...she upset the status quo.

(this is what is commonly known as breaking the GM. "Oh my God, I can't believe you just did that."  Yes, yes I did. All who repent can be redeemed...eventually.)

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