Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Here I Stand

I am a geek.

It's right there in the subtitle of the blog. This simple statement, a matter of self-identity, has become actively dangerous for women, PoC, queers, and allies. Anyone who challenges the old status quo of the internet (made by and for the straight, white, cis, male) risks having their lives ruined by systematic harassment online and off, with higher profile incidents exposing home addresses and conning police into sending SWAT teams to those homes. So far, the "only" death has been a family dog, but that is likely not to last, given the nature of the threats.

I am a geek. In addition to my nerdery about church, history, textiles, and food, I am a gamer, science fiction fan, conrunner, and a web developer.

Part of the reason i started this blog was to be a voice, a liberal, devout, queer, disabled, and geeky voice, because I didn't see me out there. I now have found other women with similar interests, and found a community. I am not a particularly brave person, but I have come to believe that unless more people speak out against what is happening and for a more civil internet, our collective voice will be crushed by the weight of the juggernaut. So this is me putting my shoulder under a corner and taking a little of the burden, even if only by declaring my existence, my right to that existence, and my support of those who find themselves victims of these disgusting trolls.

I am a geek.